Adding Images

You want more control? You want to be able to put the pictures you have (family, hot pictures of yourself, your pet etc.) right on your first page OR you want to be able to send them in comments etc..
First you will have to take your pictures and put them up somewhere online. There are sites such as photobucket etc. that will allow you to do that.
To Have Complete Control Of Your Pics

1. Go to a site such as PhotoBucket and create an account.
2. Upload Pictures to your PhotoBucket account from your computer.
3. Copy the TAG code and paste it wherever in you want thepicture to show.
4. To place a picture in a friends comments, simply paste the code into the comment entry box.

If you wish to use a picture you found on a website, just save the picture to your computer, and then upload.

Hot Linking URL from Site (Not recommended)

Right Click On The Picture and Click Properties. Then Copy The URL to the Picture and Put It In This Code

<img src="url to picture">