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Movie Sound Clips for MySpace
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Sound Clips for MySpace
Movie Sound Clips for MySpace
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Tired of sending just pictures in your comment tags. Want to try something different? Or decorate your page with some classic pop culture movie graphics and sounds. Check these new sounds out for myspace. We have graphics and sounds from the following movies - Dodgeball, 40 year old Virgin, Wedding Crashers, Full Metal Jacket, Wayne's World, Zoolander, Talladega Nights (hilarious dinner scene sound clip) , some Monty Python and more. If you like these we will be adding more soon. So bookmark this site and check up on us again!
Simply place your cursor inside the box. The text will be highlighted. COPY AND PASTE this into your comments for myspace. You can also add them to your myspace page in any of the sections. Have fun from the staff at We're foolish and fun! Bookmark us today. br>

Full Metal Jacket
Faithful - your married to this piece!

Zoolander quote and graphic for myspace
Be professionally goodlooky

40 year old virgin
We can do it in the Butt..

Drink up from Pirates of the Caribeean Jack Sparrow